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Bedford P.D.
Known Associates of Valerie Benchik

Subject: Connie Warren - the BFF

Connie Warren was born Constance Redmond, and she and Val met when they roomed together in college. She is a nurse practitioner and day shift supervisor in the Emergency department at Wellington University Medical Center. Connie is married to Kevin Warren, an IT manager, and she’s a doting mother to Emily. She is an exceptional listener, and when it comes to emotions, she is an open book. Like many mothers, Connie is so devoted to the people she loves that she sometimes neglects herself.


Subject: Detective Greg Payton - the Partner

Greg Payton was born and raised in Chicago’s infamous Cabrini-Green housing project. He defied the odds to graduate high school, served four years in the Army, and then chose to remain in the Reserve. His unit saw combat during deployment in Iraq, and after his discharge, he attended college using his Veterans’ benefit. He joined the Chicago Police Department after graduation and worked there for several years before moving his family to Bedford. Payton has been a loving husband to his wife, Pam, for over ten years, and he is a devoted father to Matthew and Erin.


Subject: Dr. Leilani Norris - Medical Examiner

Leilani Norris was born in Hawaii and inherited her Native Hawaiian mother’s physical appearance and her French father’s love of food. She had planned a career in orthopedics, but as a third-year med student at Columbia, her path veered sharply in September 2001. She volunteered to help catalog victims’ remains from the Twin Towers and subsequently switched her specialty to forensic pathology.


Subject: Detective Shawn Donovan

Shawn Donovan is the immature member of the Homicide squad, and he’s also the least physically fit thanks to his perpetuation of the cops and donuts myth.


Subject: Detective Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia is the rookie in Homicide, and he brings order to his partnership with Donovan by applying the discipline instilled by the United States Marine Corp.


Subject: Captain Victoria Morgan - Commanding Officer, Bedford Homicide

Victoria Morgan has earned numerous commendations during her tenure with the Bedford Police Department, including a Medal of Valor for saving a child from a burning building when she was on uniformed patrol. She was married to Bedford Police Officer Roger Morgan, who was shot to death by two suspects as they fled the scene of a liquor store robbery.

Known Associates

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